David “Creto” Sherry and Kade O’Brien lost their lives to negligent drivers.

What did the drivers lose? The money it would cost to cover a traffic ticket.

The Petition in Support of Creto-Kade’s Law

NY State Senate Bill S6202 | NY State Assembly Bill A7032

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Dear Legislators currently serving on the Transportation and Codes Committees of the New York State Legislature:

When negligent drivers suddenly turned left into their paths, the lives of motorcycle riders David “Creto” Sherry and Kade O’Brien were tragically and needlessly lost.

Their families have suffered the consequences of these avoidable accidents every day since, and will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives. The consequences for the drivers? A small fine plus a court surcharge—about the same amount as a ticket for a moving violation.

Creto-Kade’s Law previously passed the NYS Senate, but the Assembly never took up the bill to pass it into law. If it had become law, it would have held similarly negligent New York State drivers responsible for a misdemeanor, which would be punishable with a minimum fine of $300, up to 30 days of jail time, and the required completion of a motor vehicle accident prevention course.

Now, with S6202 (which has already passed in the NYS Senate) and A7032 (which is currently in the Transportation Committee at the NYS Assembly), we have the chance to provide even more legal protection to the most vulnerable users of the road, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and domestic animals—ALL of which have been so dramatically and adversely affected by negligent drivers since the start of the pandemic. These bills would also require people applying for a NYS driver’s license to answer test questions about topics such as road rage, work zone safety, school bus safety, and one or more questions concerning motorcycle safety.

So we are urging you, as our elected officials, to recognize that at the end of the day, ALL vulnerable users of the roads should be able to make it safely home to their families. Let’s make our roads safer for everyone by raising the stakes for negligent drivers.

Together, let’s demand that ALL drivers #LookBeforeYouLeft. Please pass S6202 and A7032, and make them a part of New York State law. #CretoKadesLaw.

About Creto-Kade’s Law, S6202, and A7032

Creto-Kade’s Law (A05407) was a bill drafted in the State of New York to protect the lives of bikers and pedestrians that are too often killed or seriously injured on our roads by negligent and distracted drivers. The bill is named after two bikers that tragically died while riding when an oncoming driver suddenly turned left into their paths. The bill passed in 2017 with bipartisan support in the New York Senate, but the New York Assembly has yet to take up the bill and sign it into law.

Now, with S6202 and A7032, we have the chance to honor the spirit of Creto-Kade’s Law while offering even more protection for the most vulnerable users of the road from negligent drivers.

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About Kade O’Brien

Kade Edward O’Brien, A United States Marine who survived two deployments in Fallujah, was taking a leisurely ride on a country road on his motorcycle in April of 2011 when an inattentive driver turned left in front of him and tragically killed him.

David Creto Sherry - Look Before You Left - Creto-Kade's Law - Kantor Law Firm

About David “Creto” Sherry

David “Creto” Sherry was struck and killed while riding his motorcycle on July 11, 2014 in Guilderland, New York, the victim of an untimely left turn directly into the path of his motorcycle. David served the people of New York State for many years, working in both the Albany Department of General Services and in the New York State Assembly.

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About The Kantor Law Firm

We at the Kantor Law Firm had the honor of representing Kade O’Brien’s surviving family, ensuring that his son would be taken care of. We’ve also represented far too many other families just like his. That’s why we’re determined to send a message to selected NY lawmakers that we want negligent drivers to be held accountable.